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Winky's Sewer & Drain cleaning in Edmonton and Calgary

Sewer and drain services

Sewer and drain services

Sewer Backups

Where your home is located may determine the level of sewer problems and potential sewer back ups you will need to be prepared for.

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Tips to Lower water waste

Being conscious of water usage may save you money and help our environment at the same time. Many of us are wasteful without realizing.


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DIY Drain Remedies

Before calling in a professional drain service there are a few DIY drain cleaning options that may be all you need to solve your drainage problem. If you are comfortable with your own skills and don't mind gettting a little wet try these drain clearing strategies.

Plugged drains

If your kitchen sink drain is slow or you’re hearing gurgling noises coming from the kitchen sink you may be a sink full of dishes away from having a blocked kitchen sink. Plugged kitchen sinks usually don’t “just happen” there are symptoms well before it clogs but we either choose to ignore or totally disregard them. Eventually, we have to deal with them. So, what is the best way to clear a kitchen sink blockage? The first and most common way homeowners try to remedy the problem is with the good old fashioned plunger, and hey, don’t knock it. If you know how to use it properly and can get enough suction you will be surprised at how effective it can be in getting the drain flowing. But if it were always that easy you wouldn’t need the services of Winky's Sewer & Drain. If you can’t get it going with the plunger then the next choice is the chemical drain cleaner. Lots of choices here, but never have I seen one work effectively on organic food matter in a timely manner. Cable augers can rotate through the drain effectively cutting, chewing and removing the blockage to a point where It can be washed away. This method however does not work well in drains which are heavily laden with grease soap or sludge buildup.The cable basically pokes a hole in the gunk and it may last a day, a week or a month depending on usage. The absolute best drain cleaning solution that can be used (especially in older homes with cast iron or galvanized drain piping) is to hydrojett or power flush the drain line with high pressure high temperature water scouring the drainpipe removing all built-up debris and bringing drainpipes back to their full flow capacity.Plugged Sink Drains, shower Drains, & tub drainsMany sewer and drain companies do not have the specialized tools and equipment necessary to provide you a competent job. At Winky’s our technicians are equipped with the best. We provide: 
  • Sewer & drain cleaning augers and rooters for sewer root cutting. (Root intrusion is the number one cause of sewer backup in Calgary)

  • Specialized foaming equipment to kill, control and inhibit root growth in sewers.

  • Truck mounted hydrojetting and power flushing equipment to remove built-up grease soap and sludge.

  • Sewer video cameras complete with sonar responders to view, locate and pinpoint problem areas in sewer.

  • Lines up to a 16 foot depth. In your yard or a commercial parking lot.
 Finally we have the capability to replace sewer drains by either open excavation or by our preferred trenchless pipe bursting method. This method pulls a new sewer through the existing damaged sewer pipe while leaving your landscaping intact.  Effective Sewer Line Backup Service In Calgary Using state of the art sewer line cleaning tools, we can easily remedy sewer blockages caused by root intrusion in the sewer drain.Thousands of dollars in damage are caused by sewer backup in basements. Our calgary sewer backup plumbers are highly skilled in main sewer line cleaning and can help you with all sewer blockages, floor drain backups or broken sewer lines. We use sewer inspection cameras to pinpoint any sewer blockage in Calgary homes and can recommend various options to solve clogged or blocked sewer issues. Thru years of experience being Calgary’s go to rooter service, and providing a competent sewer cleaning service in Calgary we can confidently guarantee your satisfaction.  Need to Replace Your Main Water Line?The main water line is an often overlooked but crucial part of your home’s water system. As the point of entry from the water supply (be it city/town/well) into your home, the main line is in use all the time and a breakdown would cause critical problems. Furthermore, since it supplies all the water travelling throughout your home, the condition of the line directly affects the water passing through it and can lead to damage in other parts of your plumbing, your home’s structure and in some cases health hazards. Monitoring the condition of your main water line is difficult as the line is buried. Most homeowners have no idea when or if it is damaged or eroded and some may not even know where to find it. Fortunately these lines are made to last a long time – depending on the material used it could be fine for 20 – 100 years. Although each case is unique and affected by the ground conditions around the water line, the following are the approximate life-spans you might expect based on the different metals/material the line is made of. Galvanized steel – 40 yearsCopper – 50 yearsBrass – up to 70 yearsCast iron – 70 – 100 yearsLead – 100 years (should be replaced as lead is toxic and can leach into the water)PVC – 50 – 70 years (being a “new” material the longevity is still undetermined) If part of your main water line has broken down it needs to be replaced – your general plumber can advise you on the best course of action. The job may only require that a portion of the pipe be replaced or depending on the pipe’s age and surrounding conditions a complete line replacement may be needed. The extent of and location of the damage can only be ascertained by unearthing the line. Some warning signs indicating you have a problem include: 
  • Unexplained water on the sidewalk or street leading to your home. The water from a ruptured line has to go somewhere and may bubble up into the street. Immediate attention is needed.
  • Unexplained wet spots or puddling on your property.
  • Noticeably reduced water pressure within your home.
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation. Exposure to prolonged water seepage can cause cracks to develop in your walls and foundation.
  • Damp drywall. Lower level walls that display signs of moisture or water stains are an indication of a water leak in the area.
  • Discoloured water can mean that dirt is entering the water system through damaged pipe.
 Who is responsible for the water line that runs to your home? You are. (To a point) You own the water pipe from your home up to the shut-off valve which is usually located at your property line. It is your responsiblity. The City owns the shut-off valve and the piping beyond. The responsibility for a leak on private residential property can be determined by turning off the water at the shut-off valve. If the leak stops, it’s your problem. In most regions, a homeowner who replaces existing lead piping on their side can then request that the city replace any further lead pipe that remains on the city’s side of the valve to the water main. Is it expensive to replace the main water line? Although a small isolated area of damage might be repaired at a relatively minor cost, replacing the main line can be a major and expensive undertaking. Your costs may be affected by numerous factors and essentially, how accessible your damage is i.e. location on the property, depth, landscaping, structures & fences, trees and foliage in the way, etc. Whether the ground condition permits the presence and operation of heavy equipment. A technology offered by some that is less invasive and possibly more affordable is “trenchless line replacement.” Consult with your trusted general plumber/contractor who may be able to provide the services themselves or have connections with a good company who can.  Get 3 quotes from capable, reputable service companies. Ask for references from previous clients who have done similar projects. Conduct due diligence before making your final choice. Cheaper isn’t always better.


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